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  • Cast aluminum heater
  • Product introduction

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  • I. Product Description Flextronics cast aluminum electric heaters are made of tubular electric heating elements as heating elements. They are bent and formed reasonably. After entering the mold, they are cast into various shapes with high-quality aluminum alloy materials, including disc, flat, right-angle, and outside wind. Cold, air-cooled, water-cooled and other special shapes. After finishing, the surface of the cast aluminum electric heater is smooth and has no casting defects. It can closely fit the heated body. The surface load of the cast aluminum heater can reach 1-3W / cm2, and the operating temperature is normal temperature -350 ℃. A high-efficiency, uniform thermal heater; the thermal conductivity of **** aluminum alloy material, the overall heating of the heater is uniform, reducing the temperature difference on the surface of the equipment; has a long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance 3. Anti-magnetic field, increase the heat dissipation surface of the heat dissipation device, which can save about 30% of electricity consumption.
    Widely used in extruders, injection molding machines, packaging machinery, curing machines, hydraulic presses, ultrasonic cleaning machines, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, cable machinery, petroleum and other equipment.
    Three. Matters needing attention
    1) The working voltage must not exceed 10% of the rated value;
    2) The wiring part is placed outside the heating layer and insulation layer, and the shell should be effectively grounded;
    3) The cast aluminum electric heater should be placed in a dry place. If the insulation resistance is lower than 1MΩ for a long time, it can be baked in an oven at about 200 degrees Celsius for 5-6 hours to restore normality.
    4) Positioning and fixing should be done well. The effective heating area must be closely attached to the heated body. Empty burning is strictly prohibited. When dust or pollutants are found on the surface, it should be cleaned and reused in time to avoid heat dissipation and shorten the service life.
    5) The magnesium oxide powder at the output end of the electric heating element is protected from the infiltration of pollutants and moisture at the place of use to prevent leakage accidents.
    Four: technical parameters
    1. Operating conditions: ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃; relative humidity <80%.
    2. Electrical strength: It can pass the 1500V50HZ sinusoidal AC voltage withstand voltage test, and there is no breakdown in 1M1N when the voltage is withstand.
    3. Leakage current: <0.5MA.
    4. Insulation resistance:> 2MΩ.
    5. Grounding resistance: <0.1Ω.
    6. Power deviation value: + 5% ~ -10%.
    Fifth: the order needs to know This product can be customized according to customer requirements, provide drawings, voltage, power, size, or design drawings according to customer requirements for customer confirmation.
    Flextronics has been committed to the design and production of large-scale electric heaters for many years. Its products are exported all year round and has applied for national patents. The company has large-scale turning, planing, drilling, milling and other precision processing equipment, and can design specific drawings and solutions for reference

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