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  • I. Product Introduction Flextronics Oil Heater is also a new type of thermal energy conversion heating equipment. Its working principle is: use electricity as energy, convert electric energy into heat energy through electric heating elements; use organic heat carrier (heat transfer oil) as heat transfer medium, and conduct forced circulation of heat transfer oil in the system through high temperature oil pump, making it repeated Heating, so as to meet the needs of thermal users (using thermal equipment or thermal cycle) to continuously obtain the required thermal energy; and can meet the process temperature set in the production process and the requirements of high-precision temperature control.
    Generally, the main unit of the oil heater (heating body, high temperature oil pump and oil filter), expansion tank, electric control cabinet, etc. are used as a complete set of heating system that is assembled with the heating equipment to form a forced liquid phase circulation. If the thermal user (using thermal equipment or thermal environment) has special requirements for the cooling process, then the system should be equipped with oil and water coolers.
    Product Features
    Heat-conducting oil electric heater is a kind of "low pressure and high temperature" type high-efficiency energy-saving heating equipment.
    1. Can work at lower working pressure (<0.5MPa = obtain higher working temperature (≤340 ℃), when heating temperature is 300 ℃, the operating pressure is only one-seventh of the saturated steam pressure of water .
    2. High thermal efficiency (> 98%).
    3. Stable and uniform heating can be achieved, and precise temperature control can be achieved (temperature control accuracy can be within the range of 1-2 C).
    4. It has advanced and complete control system and safety monitoring device.
    5. The heat transfer medium of the heating system is the organic heat carrier-heat transfer oil. The medium is odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, has no impact on the health of operating workers, has no corrosion on equipment, and has a long service life.
    6. The oil heater can be installed horizontally near the thermal user (using thermal equipment or thermal environment) without foundation.
    7. In general, the investment can be recovered in 3-6 months. The applicable working environment of the product does not exceed 1000m above sea level; the ambient temperature is within the range of 5-40 C; the relative humidity of the environment is not greater than 90%; there is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gases that can seriously damage metals and insulation. ; No obvious vibration.
    Three, warm-up operation
    1. After the simulation operation confirms that everything is normal, the heating operation can be performed.
    2. Adjust and set the parameters of each instrument according to the heating requirements.
    3. Start the oil pump.
    4. Press the heating button, the heating indicator lights up, and the system starts to heat up. At this time, observe whether the indications of each meter are correct. If there is a reverse sign or instruction, check whether the thermocouple or RTD wiring is correct.
    Fourth, equipment inspection and maintenance
    The filter is set to prevent the large solid particles in the pipeline from entering the high temperature oil pump. During the installation, pay attention to check the filter and do regular cleaning, which can greatly improve the service life of the heat transfer oil and equipment. During normal operation, the oil temperature in the expansion tank should not exceed 70 C. If the oil temperature is too high, it means that the system is not running smoothly or the pipeline is improperly connected, which is harmful to the service life of the heat transfer oil. It should be removed as soon as possible before being put into production. Regular inspection and tightening of the heating element should be performed.

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