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  • Electrothermal radiation tube
  • Product introduction

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  • Flextronics radiant tubes are not only supporting domestic heat treatment equipment, but also supporting products for export heat treatment equipment. The core of the radiant tube has a cage frame type, a vertical winding type, and a resistance wire wrapping type. The resistance wire uses two kinds of alloy materials: nickel-chromium and iron-chromium-aluminum. . General effective length: 900 ~ 2400; outside diameter of general casing: φ80 ~ φ280. Single power: 2kw ~ 40kw; single voltage: 30v ~ 220v.
    This series of products is suitable for the application of bright fire, normalizing, carburizing, carbonitriding multi-purpose furnace and industrial heating such as swivel, mesh belt, casting, continuous.
    I. Overview of electric heating radiant tube
    1. Wire-mounted spiral surround electric heating radiant tube This electric heating radiant tube consists of a heat-resistant alloy steel sleeve and a heater. The heater is generally composed of a φ3-5 mm electric heating wire wound on a heat-resistant insulating ceramic tube core with a spiral groove. , Working voltage 220V, power 5-7KW.
    2. The structure of this type of heater is basically the same as the first structure, except that the heating element is wound with a resistance band. The resistance band is generally 1-3 mm in thickness and 10-20 mm in width. The core is also composed of multiple grouped tube cores. Under the same surface load, the heat radiation surface is large, and the material can be saved. Generally, high-power point heating radiation tubes use this form.
    3. Axial wave-shaped cage cabinet type electric heating radiation tube (commonly known as squirrel-cage type)
    Its structure is to bend the resistance wire (belt) of the heating element into a "U" shape and string it into a plurality of insulating and high temperature resistant ceramic support discs, and fix it with a heat-resistant rod in the middle. The general effective length: 900 ~ 2400; Tube outer diameter: φ80 ~ φ280. Single power: 2kw ~ 40kw; single voltage: 30v ~ 220v. This radiant tube has a long life.
    Second, the characteristics of electric heating radiant tube
    1. Practical and reliable. The products of our factory are handed over to customers for production verification, and the quality is reliable and durable.
    2. The core material adopts DC argon arc welding to ensure various technical indicators such as surface load and resistance difference.
    3. The heat-resistant insulation material is based on the German formula. The porcelain has good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, long life and good surface quality.
    The company designs and manufactures electric heating radiant tubes. There are high, medium and low temperature furnaces and special atmosphere furnaces. The outer casing is made of seamless high temperature resistant alloy tube and coiled tube, centrifugal cast tube, non-metal special carburizing resistant casing, etc. And when the heating element of the radiant tube is used in various atmospheres and harsh cycle conditions, the general resistance alloy can not be applied. Company researchers have developed a new special material for resistance alloy radiant tubes. The material has stable performance, high resistivity, and small temperature coefficient, and is suitable for various radiant tube heating elements. It replaces expensive imported materials with unique performance.
    Third, the advantages of electrothermal radiation tube are
    1. Easy installation, testing and maintenance, all performed outside the furnace. There is no need to stop the furnace or cool the furnace temperature for maintenance and replacement of the electric heating device. Under normal production conditions, replacement takes only about 10 minutes, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving productivity. 2. Compact structure, stable performance, large single power, and several times the service life of ordinary electric heating tubes.
    (Electric heating radiant tube, electric heating radiant tube products can be customized according to customer requirements, providing drawings, voltage, power, size)
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